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Contact Loyalty Pawn to Sell Your Jewelry & More

Loyalty Pawn provides an invaluable service to people in need of short-term cash loans and will help you get the financing you need when you need it. Specializing in pawn loan services in Sacramento, CA, we have five convenient pawn shop locations to serve you. We’ve built a loyal following of customers since 1992 due to our superior customer service, quality selection of new and pre-owned merchandise, and fast short-term loans. You can expect those loans to be available at State of California-regulated low-interest rates as well. We invite customers to contact us for more information about our pawn loan services or the high-quality merchandise available to purchase in our well-trusted eBay store or any of our prominent Sacramento-area locations.

Quick, Confidential Pawn Loans for Sacramento Residents

Could you use some extra cash? A collateral or pawn loan is a loan that we provide within a matter of minutes in exchange for collateral that Loyalty Pawn holds until we’re paid back for the loan in full. Typically, collateral comes in the form of items like jewelry, watches, gold, or other expensive pieces. A member of our seasoned staff will provide a free on-the-spot appraisal to determine the value of your collateral. When the loan is repaid with interest, we return your collateral. If the loan is not repaid within the fixed period (usually 120 days), the collateral is forfeited to our pawnbrokers. Our pawn loan services in Sacramento are quick and confidential without any credit checks required, so you never have to worry about being denied a loan like you would at a bank or financial institution. Additionally, failure to repay your pawn loan at Loyalty Pawn won’t negatively affect your credit score.

Buy and Sell Jewelry and Other Luxury Items at Our Shops

The items that remain in our possession after loan periods are available for purchase at Loyalty Pawn at affordable prices. We buy and sell items like luxury watches, jewelry, luxury handbags, and gold. Whether you’re looking to purchase new stereo equipment, tools, or musical instruments, our friendly customer service team is ready to assist you in your selection. We always test everything before offering it for resale, so that you can buy pre-owned items at Luxury Pawn in confidence. We also offer a three-day return policy should you ever not feel delighted with your purchase, although we enjoy a low return rate because our items are usually in such excellent condition. If you see something you can’t live without among our ever-changing inventory, be sure to ask us about our flexible layaway program!

Ebay Store

(916) 822-5021

El Camino
3409 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821

Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Phone: (916) 487-2274
Fax: (916) 487-9340
License Number: 3400-0980
Florin Mall
7214 Florin Mall Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95823

Mon – Sat:10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (916) 737-5100
Fax: (916) 737-5105
License Number: 3400-0951
200 Atlantic St.
Sacramento, CA 95678
Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10 am – 6pm
Phone: (916) 786-6669
Fax: (916) 724-5984
License Number: 3105-0994
1708 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818

Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (916) 822-5626
Fax: (916) 822-5017
License Number: 3404-0966

Have Questions About Our Pawn Loan Services?

For nearly 30 years, Loyalty Pawn has earned a reputation for being one of the friendliest pawn shop operations in Sacramento, CA. Please contact us to inquire about how our pawn loan services work or if you need directions to one of our five easily-accessible pawn shops. You may also use our online store locator to search for the pawn shop location closest to you. We look forward to assisting you!

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