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No Credit Check Cash Loans Using Your Pre-Loved Jewelry

Over the years, Jewelry has had a way of just piling up. You get a ring for Christmas, a necklace for Valentine’s day and earrings for your Birthday. They were given to you by that special somebody but the time is never right to wear them. You can’t sell them, they were a gift, but you still need cash. Why not receive a loan on them instead?

We Are the Best Place to Receive Cash Loans Using your Jewelry As Collateral 

Did you know you do not have to sell your beloved jewelry in order to extract the cash value out of it? If you find yourself in need of a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars, loyalty pawn is here to provide you with the funds you need without a credit check or selling your jewelry.

Our Process is simple:

  1. Determine the size of the loan you are needing, we offer loans from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on your needs.
  2. Provide collateral to back and fund your loan. If you are looking for a $3,000 loan you will need to provide us with a piece(s) of jewelry, or other item(s), that is worth approximately the amount on which you are looking to receive a loan.
  3. We accept your collateral, store it in a state-of-the-art vault and you walk out of the store with cash all in the same day!
  4. We set up small monthly payments towards your loan amount and once your balance is paid in full we return your item(s) back to you in the exact condition they were provided to us!

The best part about our process we do not require credit checks!

Our Pawn Shops In Sacramento, CA Are Looking For To Doing Business With You! Call Us Today!

The untold truth of the Pawn Industry 

The pawn industry receives an unjust bad wrap from Movies, TV shows, Hollywood, and even on the History Channel that claim to show you behind the scenes of “how a pawnshop works”.   

The Truth about pawnshops:

Pawnshops are an incredible place to shop at. There are thousands of unique items throughout our stores in many different categories of items. Some of these items are so incredibly unique you would never see them anywhere else and all of them are at massive discounts compared to what you would pay at an outlet.

Most of our business is built upon repeat customers some of which have chosen to do business with us for well over a decade. These people swear that Loyalty Pawn has the best customer experience, they wouldn’t keep coming back if we didn’t take care of them, would they? (Don’t believe us? Check our google reviews.) 

The Pawn industry is a heavily regulated one. Due to criminals trying to offload illegal merchandise or stolen goods. Loyalty pawn is NOT an outlet for criminals, we ensure every item in our store works and is legitimate, or we do not want it and will not buy it! (You don’t stay in business for over 25 years dealing with criminals.) 

We take pride in our business, and we feel like we offer a valuable service to our surrounding communities. Our goal has always been, to open doors for funding of loans to people who otherwise would have no other place to turn. Pawnshops do that by offering loans to people regardless of their credit score.