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No Credit Check Cash Loans Using Your Pre-Loved Watches

Do you have an old watch sitting in a drawer, collecting dust, that you are not using? Did you know we offer cash loans on watches of resalable value? At Loyalty Pawn we are always honest and fair with our customers. We always strive to provide the best rates on all items! This is achieved by offering a FREE authenticity test and a fair market valuation.

We always offer top dollar on the following brands:

And Many More!

Have a watch, in need of a loan? Call us today!


Quick Cash Loans Are Real. 

Receiving a loan is usually a long tedious process. The applications, the paperwork, and the salespeople all just to wait a few days to realize you didn’t qualify because of a credit score or income verification. (Don’t they know that’s the reason you need the loan in the first place?)

Loyalty Pawn has done away with both of those things! We don’t care about your credit or your income. In fact, we don’t even do a credit check to fund your loan request! We do something completely different! It’s called a “Collateral Loan” and this process opens the doors, for funding to people who otherwise would have had nowhere else to turn!

The process is easy, bring us in a watch, or any other item that has value and we will give you cash based on the value of the item you provide to us, in this case, a watch!

You walk out with the cash you need, for whatever you needed it for, and the best part is, it only takes a few minutes!