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No Credit Check Cash Loans Using Your Pre-Loved Handbags

You know that bag, in the back of your closet, the one you haven’t worn in forever? The one that you convinced yourself you just had to have because it would be perfect! But, it’s too small or the occasion never seems right. On the other hand, someday you know you will want to wear it again. So you just can’t sell it, can you? Get a loan on it! We hold it, keep it safe, provide you with the cash you need until you want the bag back.  

Receive a Cash Loan On Your All but forgotten Handbags

Designer handbags are more than just a mere fashion accessory; they are an investment. When you buy a quality bag, it holds value forever and most times they even gain value while sitting on your shelf! Our pawnbrokers are skilled at examining designer handbags to determine the value of your bag. When you need cash, tap into the value of your bag to bridge the gap without actually having to sell your item! We offer loans on handbags from the finest designers and some of our favorites are:


Founded in Rome in 1925, this luxury brand is well known for its bags throughout the world. This company has many different bag styles, ranging from classic to more modern looks.


This famous brand first began in France in the early 1900s, and it’s truly an iconic brand. From their “flap” bag to a variety of quilted patterns and more, they are always in style.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton evolved from a well-known trunk maker in France to one of the most well-known handbag makers ever. The company’s famous monogrammed bags are their signature, but they make many other styles as well.

Michael Kors

New York designer Michael Kors is a more recent addition to the luxury handbag market, with a company that began in the early 1980s. Especially popular with young women, this brand offers a large line of handbags in a variety of classic and contemporary styles.


This designer brand began in France in the 1800s making saddles and other items for horses. Today their leather handbags, clutches, and even backpacks have become some of the very best luxury bags in the business.

And Many More!

Contact our stores today to Tap Into the value of your bag without having to sell it!

What We Look For When You Sell Designer Handbags

When we appraise designer handbags, we check to see if there are any rips, tears, or faded fabric. The more wear and tear the less value the item has. We also have a high-tech machine that checks the authenticity to ensure they are genuine. When everything checks out, we make you a cash offer on the spot. If you are looking for a temporary loan, you can also pawn your bags for an instant cash loan. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or drop into one of our locations to let us take a look.