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When it comes to buying, selling, or pawning your items here in Sacramento, Loyalty Pawn offers the services and experience necessary you desire. Since 1992, we have been providing our neighbors with friendly, reliable customer service and the best prices on a variety of items. Whether you are looking to sell some unwanted jewelry or pick yourself a new watch, our pawn shop is your go-to one stop shop!

Here at our Sacramento pawn shop:

  • We buy gold: Don’t let your old gold gather dust in your drawer! Make some quick cash instead by selling it to us. We’ll give you a no-commitment estimate, so you can know the value of your item before you sell.
  • We buy jewelry & wedding rings: If your jewelry box seems a little overcrowded lately, it could be time to get rid of some of your old jewelry and wedding rings. Visit one of our five locations to sell yours today!
  • We buy luxury watches: Want to buy yourself a new watch, but you’re out of space? Sell us your old luxury watches and get quick cash to purchase a brand new watch!
  • We buy luxury handbags: If you have unwanted luxury handbags, bring them into our Sacramento pawn shop today and let us make you an offer! We carry the majority of brand names, such as Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

Sacramento has a number of pawn shops, so you might find yourself wondering just what makes us so special. For your convenience, every one of our locations is open seven days a week and transactions are quick, easy, and confidential. Your items will be appraised by friendly professionals and if you are unhappy with your offer, there is no pressure to sell. For more information about our services, please reach out to our office by calling (916) 905-0332 today!