At Loyalty Pawn, you can sell jewelry in Sacramento, CA, or buy pre-owned jewelry for sale includingnecklacesearrings, rings, and more. Whether you wore it once or are simply looking to upgrade, our Sacramento pawn shops will be more than happy to purchase your old jewelry. Our friendly pawnbrokers are always available to provide you with a free estimate of the value of your old jewelry, and we often make offers much higher than other local pawn stores. To speak with one of our trusted staff members, please visit one of our five store locations today!

Sell Jewelry To Us:

  • If you are looking to sell jewelry in Sacramento,CA or buy pre-owned jewelry for sale, Loyalty Pawn is perfect for you. We sell a wide range of pieces ranging from broaches studded with diamonds to simple earring and necklace sets. Our expert staff is well versed in appraising jewelry of all kinds, even watches. Here are some of the jewelry types we most often deal with at our stores:
  • Rings – We buy many different types of rings at our pawn shops, including wedding rings and engagement rings. We also purchase semi-precious gemstone rings, such as topaz, amethyst, and aquamarine. Our knowledgeable staff can even evaluate the worth of diamonds of all shapes and cuts. We buy rings that are all gold, but we will also purchase platinum rings, and other materials if they have significant value. Whether you inherited a ring from a family member and don’t want it, or you are going through a divorce and would like cash for your ring, we can assist you. 
  • Earrings – Our shops purchase everything from large diamond studs to dangly clip-ons that feature precious stones. In some cases, we may even consider purchasing a single stone earring if you’ve lost the matching one. In addition to gemstone earrings, we also purchase gold hoop earrings and gold studs. Antique pieces may require some research, but we can usually tell you if they are worth selling or if they are more of a conversation piece. 
  • Bracelets – We buy bracelets of all kinds, ranging from gold bangles to all-diamond tennis bracelets. Although we don’t see quite as many, we also purchase anklets when available. We have even paid for some charm bracelets when the charms themselves are made of a valuable material. We’ll be glad to take a look at your piece and give you a price. Bring it by anytime. 
  • Necklaces – From pearl necklaces to gold chains, we are always glad to pay a fair price for your necklaces. Our shops have purchased everything from sparkling braided chains, to rope chains, to herringbone chains, and more. It doesn’t matter if the necklace is choker-style or has multiple layers, we will evaluate them and give you a price based on the material it’s made of and the desirability of the style.

Hassle-free jewelry appraisals when looking to sell jewelry

At Loyalty Pawn, we will never pressure you into making a deal you’re not 100% satisfied with. After your initial estimate with our pawnbrokers, you can pawn, sell, or take the items with you. 

Contact us today for an appraisal before you sell jewelry in Sacramento, CA, or stop by any of our locations to buy pre-owned jewelry for sale!